How to use the Trending Topics feature of the Facebook News Feed

Newsfeeds are an integral part of Facebook’s advertising platform, allowing users to discover, share, and discover more about what they are interested in.But what if you want to browse for new content without having to leave Facebook?Trending Topics allows you to quickly search through and discover new topics by following a few simple rules:Trending topics […]

U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison: Police should use Tasers and rubber bullets when using lethal force

In a new video, U.N. Special Rapporteur on the Right to Organize, Yasser El Abbass, says that police should use rubber bullets, stun guns, and Tasers when using deadly force.El Abass also says that it is unacceptable that police in the U.K. and France use a rubber bullet on unarmed protesters.In the video, El Abas […]

How to find the stress hormone in your diet

With more and more people coming to terms with their mental health issues, research into the relationship between stress and health has become a hot topic of conversation.But how exactly does it work?And what is the best way to boost your mental health?Here’s what you need to know about the stress-stress hormone.How does stress affect […]

“The government should be in control of its borders,” says Paul Martin

article A recent survey suggests Canadians may be more comfortable with a government-led immigration policy than they were in years past.The poll by Ipsos Reid, released Tuesday, showed 52 per cent of Canadians are more comfortable than they’ve been in recent years with the current immigration system, while just 30 per cent were less comfortable.But […]

How to make your own home video game

article 370: A home video gaming machine is a video game console that has a built-in motion sensor.It can record and transmit images and audio using a computer or a smartphone app.This can be used to simulate reality in a video-game game.The article 370 article 370 video games,home video gaming,video games,video game source TechSci title […]

When Republicans take over Congress, education will be the priority


How to find the best new sci-fi movies

It has been 20 years since the debut of the groundbreaking sci-tech film The Martian, but it still holds a special place in sci-fantasy fandom.Now, with an all-new movie adaptation being announced, there are some new reasons to tune in and get caught up.The Martian is a sci-­fi drama that tells the story of a […]

The U.S. is the world’s largest economy, but that means there’s more to work than just its economic growth story

sofa review , by Rebecca C. Gelles, Fortune , January 23, 2020 ,article couch review , article sofa reviews , article furniture , furniture reviews , furniture , products , products of , products reviews , products sales , sales , product reviews , sales articles , product review , product sales article sofa , […]

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