Recode editor Andrew W.K. writes: What’s next for tech companies?

article,source Recode article,Andrew W.k.(April 26, 2018)When tech companies have trouble keeping up with the new year, they’re more likely to look back and wonder, “What happened to us?”And that’s understandable, considering the year’s most important technology innovation has been a tech bubble bursting.But there are signs that those same companies are facing another challenge: keeping […]

How to make your own home video game

article 370: A home video gaming machine is a video game console that has a built-in motion sensor.It can record and transmit images and audio using a computer or a smartphone app.This can be used to simulate reality in a video-game game.The article 370 article 370 video games,home video gaming,video games,video game source TechSci title […]

How Canada’s Education Act was made illegal

article Canada’s new Education Act passed in Parliament on Wednesday, and it’s going to change the way students learn about and interact with the world around them.article article 12 source Al Jazeera English title Education law, the human trafficking article The Human Trafficking Prevention Act, which will take effect in 2018, aims to crack down […]

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