Why do people keep going back to their favorite TV shows

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Why you need to use an API

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When Trump signs Iran deal, Trump won’t just destroy Iran, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard will also be destroyed

By David JacksonThe United States is expected to sign an agreement to ease sanctions on Iran in the face of a new US president, who has threatened to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities and said he will seek a military strike against Tehran.Reuters/Reuters/Associated PressThe agreement, expected to be announced on Tuesday, will lift sanctions on more […]

How Canada’s Education Act was made illegal

article Canada’s new Education Act passed in Parliament on Wednesday, and it’s going to change the way students learn about and interact with the world around them.article article 12 source Al Jazeera English title Education law, the human trafficking article The Human Trafficking Prevention Act, which will take effect in 2018, aims to crack down […]


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