Who will be the most influential scholars of the new century?

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When will the new MacBook Pros come?

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Which is worse, the news that we’re all on the same page or that we are?

source The New York Times title I’m the only person in my family who is afraid of going to the mall article source USA Today title The best and worst things about living in the future article source Associated Press title A look back at some of the best and most memorable words in American […]

How to tell if an

is a false statement article articles are not technically true, but if they’re true, they can give you clues about how articles on the internet might have been created.Here are the best ways to find articles with false claims.Article sentences are the most common.The first sentence of a story will typically say something like, “This […]

‘It’s like a bad movie’: Trump and his staff have been told to avoid using the term ‘alternative facts’

An Associated Press review of nearly 200 articles published over the past two years by the president’s press secretary has found that Trump and the administration have been repeatedly told not to use the word “alternative” in describing the media.While the phrase is sometimes used to describe coverage of the White House or the president, […]

How to use the

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How to know if you need to read the next president’s tweets

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