‘We’ve got a lot of work to do’: Ivanka Trump on Trump’s tax plan

In a new interview, Ivanka Trump said the White House is trying to make tax reform work for women.

| AP Photo Trump’s Ivanka says she’d like to get tax reform done by Thanksgiving, but ‘we’ve got to get it done by Christmas’The president-elect’s daughter and adviser on tax policy is taking on a larger role as the White Houses chief of staff.

In a newly published interview, she said she would like to be able to deliver on tax reform by the end of the year, though she has not yet finalized a timeline.

“We’ve really got a bunch of work that has to be done,” Ivanka Trump told The New Yorker.

“And that’s because it’s not just us.

It’s the American people, and it’s so important that we get this done by the holidays.”

Trump, who is married to President Donald Trump, is facing pressure from some of her advisers to delay tax reform to Christmas.

She said she doesn’t want to give anyone an excuse to delay the tax reform process.

“If I do want to do this, and I think the president-election has made clear that it’s something that we want to get done, and that’s not something that can be done by December, I’m not willing to do that,” Ivanka said.

“I don’t want people to get a bad feeling, because that’s exactly what it’s been for years.

So I think that’s one of the reasons that we’re not ready to do it until after Christmas.””

I think we’re going to make a lot more progress in the coming months and years than we would have if we just stayed on track with the president’s agenda,” she said.”

I’m sure that there are going to be some folks who will try to stop the clock, but I think we’ll be able for the most part to get the things that we need done.”

Ivanka Trump said she was “really proud” of the tax cuts the president signed into law, but acknowledged that she wasn’t able to complete them because of a lack of resources.

“When we signed the tax legislation into law in December, we had an amazing staff of talented people,” she told The Atlantic.

“We had the best tax teams in the world working on this.

But I had to get people together to go back and get a bill that I could get passed.”

Trump said that during her time in the White Senate, she had been asked repeatedly to help out with the tax bill.

“The first time I went to work on tax, it was just me and my wife, but then I got the chance to help on a bipartisan basis,” she recalled.

“That was a really big deal.

So we’re very grateful that we got the bill passed, but the reality is we’ve got work to be doing.”

Ivankas team has also faced criticism over her handling of the issue of family leave.

The president-Elect has been criticized for not fully guaranteeing that American workers will have time off during their pregnancies and early childhoods, but has been more aggressive in allowing workers to take unpaid leave.

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