Which is the best political blog for conservatives?

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in March was supposed to be the place to celebrate conservative victories.

Instead, it was overrun with people with a decidedly different point of view than those who attended the conference. 

It was a particularly bad sign for the conference, which had been built on the belief that it would be a gathering of conservatives and would be inclusive and open to everyone, but instead it was dominated by people who would be less likely to share their opinions with others, even those who had not attended the event.

The Conservative Political Alliance (CPAA), the biggest group of conservatives in the United States, had a more inclusive agenda than the conference organizers expected.

It invited all attendees and even encouraged them to share news with one another and had a panel on political culture.

The conference organizers were also able to invite conservative writers and activists who had been excluded from the conference and invited to participate in the panel discussion.

The results of this conference were not expected to change.

But one blogger who went to the conference wrote an article entitled “Why I Am Still Not Going to CPAC,” and then he took the conference down.

The article was written in April 2016, just as the election was taking place.

But it is a warning sign to the future conference organizers, because this article is a clear example of why CPAC has been a failure.

The blogger, who is not identified, posted an article titled, “I Am Still Going to #CPAC” on his blog, American Conservative.

He then goes on to explain how the CPAC debacle has hurt his ability to share information about conservative politics with his readers. 

“The CPAC fiasco has been my most painful experience, and the biggest disappointment of my political life.

In the past year, I’ve spent hours on the phone trying to reach out to CPAs most vocal supporters and activists.

The most prominent of these was my wife, but there were others who are now too scared to go to CPAnons.

I know that the lack of transparency and accountability is part of the problem.

I’ve also been trying to explain the fact that the conference has become so dominated by a small group of people who have made it their business to keep you from talking to other conservatives and have no qualms with making you feel like you’re on the outside looking in,” he writes. 

He goes on:”So, I’m not going to say that CPAC is the worst thing that has happened to the conservative movement, but I am not going forward as a conservative to attend CPAs or otherwise engage in the political process.”

The blog post has been viewed more than 15,000 times.

And the response to the post has not been much better.

Some of the comments are not very encouraging.

“We all have our opinions, but if you want to talk about the wrong thing you need to make the case.

If you want the best to happen you need people to hear you out.

If CPAC needs to be shut down, I am sure that will happen,” one commenter says.”

I’m not sure that it’s a good idea for CPAC to be closed down.

I think it would actually make the whole thing much more successful,” another commenter says in a comment section of the post.

Others also question the validity of the blogger’s post.

“That’s a little much, considering that the blog has been around for so long and that many of you are familiar with it, but at least you’ve got the decency to make a reasonable argument,” one person comments.

“It’s hard to believe that you are so concerned about what people think that you have the audacity to publish this article in a way that is so off-putting and offensive to many conservatives,” another person comments, adding that “this is not the kind of thing that is worth writing about.”

The blogger is not alone. 

One blogger who was not affiliated with CPAC but attended the convention told the Washington Examiner that he is worried about what could happen to the CPAA conference in the future.

“I think CPAC was supposed as a place to be a place for conservatives to come together and have conversations, but the conference became dominated by someone who wanted to suppress all of the viewpoints and views of conservatives that were not represented there,” he said.

“This is a sign of things to come, where it becomes so dominated that the only way to discuss the issues is by excluding others,” he continued.

“The best thing that could happen for conservatives is if the event goes away, but it is hard to see how that can happen without an event that actually includes a lot of people and a platform for people to share ideas.”

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