When will the NRL’s domestic violence laws be changed?

article AFL.com.au has obtained the NRL domestic violence policy document and drafted draft rules for the 2017 season.

Key points:The draft draft policy document states the NRL will have its own code of conduct for domestic violence cases, and will have a code of ethics for all players.

The draft policy will also provide a “safe space” for players to discuss the situation with a police officer.

Key changes include:In a draft policy, the NRL states:Players will be required to attend the police station and the club police precinct, and a police representative will be available for their medical and psychological support at the station and precinct.

Players are also required to inform a police official at the police precinct when a player has been charged with a domestic violence offence.

The policy states that players are also expected to report to police if they witness an assault and that they should be “empowered to seek help” in the case.

“It’s a matter for police to determine if there are other options available to them,” the draft policy says.

“If they decide to pursue other avenues, the police must have a good understanding of the circumstances and the player’s history and will not have a bias towards the complainant.”

What the draft says:The NRL domestic abuse policy says: “Players who engage in conduct that is inconsistent with the code of behaviour will be suspended for a period of time or suspended for one match, depending on the severity of the conduct.”

In the draft, the code is defined as “a conduct which, as a result of a reasonable belief or reasonable suspicion, is likely to cause offence”.

The policy says a player can be suspended from the NRL for one game for “a range of conduct, such as a repeat offence of the same conduct or a breach of the code.”

The draft also says that “a player will not be suspended by the NRL if the player is under 18 years of age.”

In other words, players under 18 will not automatically be suspended.

The NRL draft policy also says a police report will be filed with the police on an allegation of domestic violence and a team will conduct a “thorough investigation”.

The draft is expected to be released in late August.

The AFL’s Domestic Violence Policy, released last year, outlines that “any individual who is a victim of domestic or sexual violence should be given the support and assistance necessary to recover from the trauma”.

The code says:Players are expected to:Be compliant with all rules and codes of conduct;Consent to police reporting and prosecution of all incidents, including instances of domestic abuse and sexual assault;Be prepared to provide evidence to police in a timely manner;Respect the wishes of the person alleging domestic or domestic violence, the victim and the family of the alleged victim, if any;Have a plan to address the incident if it arises in the future, and provide evidence that supports it.

The league is working on the draft.

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