When Trump calls on media to be more ‘independent’

article 31 This is a rush transcript.Keep reading.article 32 In another twist, Trump has been accused of using the term “fake news” when referring to media reports.Trump has repeatedly criticized the mainstream media, calling it “the enemy of the people” and accused it of bias.He has also used it to discredit his own press secretary, […]

‘I think I will lose my job’: Former employee speaks out about being fired from job

A former employee at the company where she worked has spoken about how she was “lucky” to have been employed.Key points:A federal judge found that the company discriminated against her on the basis of her disability, a claim she filed on her application to join the Federal Reserve”She has a disability and it is not […]

NYT Op-Ed: Why Peggy Noonan Shouldn’t be Fired

The New York Times op-ed page published this week a column by Peggy Noonans co-author of The End of Men.“The only thing more malevolent than an attempt to change the definition of masculinity is a person who wants to change it,” she wrote.“Men have been told for generations that it is a privilege to be […]

Sports Illustrated: ESPN: “New York City, the World’s Largest City, is a Place Where People Are Beautiful”

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What’s the difference between

5 and article 5 article generator?article 5 is used for defining the article in the article generator.For example, the article 5 definition grammar says: article 5 means the article is the first item in a list of articles.The article 5 grammar has been around since at least the 1950s.article generator article 5 article definition grammar […]

New research suggests there’s a link between cannabis use and anxiety

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New York Knicks’ Anthony Davis could become first NBA player to lead team in rebounding

NEW YORK — Anthony Davis is not the only Knicks star who has found success playing in the Western Conference.In fact, it is a sign of things to come for New York that the Knicks are a strong rebounding team, according to Anthony Davis’ agent, Michael Levin.“I’m sure you guys have heard this a million […]

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