When Trump calls on media to be more ‘independent’

article 31 This is a rush transcript.

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article 32 In another twist, Trump has been accused of using the term “fake news” when referring to media reports.

Trump has repeatedly criticized the mainstream media, calling it “the enemy of the people” and accused it of bias.

He has also used it to discredit his own press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who has said that the president is not interested in sharing information that contradicts his own version of events.

While Sanders was not in charge of the administration at the time of the firing, she has been an outspoken critic of Trump, and has been critical of the president’s actions in his first days in office.

When the firing was announced, Sanders tweeted that the firing of Spicer was the “worst day in media history.”

The president has since said that he was fired for not being a “great communicator,” which is a reference to the fact that he is known to be a perfectionist and has a habit of not sharing information with the public.

The president has also blamed a report from the Washington Post for leaking information to the press that he believes is false, and he has called for a review of the press.

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