How to be a fake news reporter

The word “fake” is thrown around a lot in the news business.

But for all the hype, it’s actually very, very rare.

The reason for this is that fake news is actually really hard to prove.

There’s really no way to prove a story is not true.

But fake news isn’t just about making people think the news is wrong.

It’s about making them feel stupid.

That’s what fake news can do.

Fake news can also be used to manipulate the truth.

It can give people the impression that something they read or hear is true, or that someone is lying when they’re not.

And it can make you feel like the news you read isn’t really true at all.

So to understand how fake news works, you need to understand a little bit about what actually happens in the real world.

Fake News Can Create Confusion, Fear and Hate If you’ve ever been to a public rally or a political rally, or been a member of a group that organizes protests or marches, you’ll know that fake events can often feel more intimidating than the real thing.

In real life, there are a lot of people participating in events.

For a start, there’s always a huge amount of police and security around the event.

And then there are the people who are there to witness the whole thing unfold.

But when the media and government are allowed to create a fake atmosphere, there can be a lot more confusion and anxiety about the event, because people are often unsure whether they are participating in an event or a protest.

The same is true of fake news.

Fake events often contain conspiracy theories, fake facts, or outright lies that can seem like they’re being told by someone with a lot less information than the participants.

If a journalist tries to present a story that is false or misleading, people are likely to start believing the story and become suspicious.

For this reason, fake news often seems like a more credible source of news than real news, which is why fake news accounts are often so effective at influencing opinion.

What Is Fake News?

Fake news is news that is created or disseminated to give the impression of having a news source that is completely unbiased.

For example, fake social media accounts and other social media sites can often spread misinformation that is in conflict with mainstream news.

In many cases, the source of the fake news might not even be the same person who created it.

Sometimes fake news sites are run by people who use pseudonyms to gain access to information that they can then share.

Sometimes the news source is a fake company, or a real company, but the company itself is a website that people create to spread the story.

For the most part, fake websites are often created for political or social gain.

They often take an existing article and put a fictional image or other element of news into it.

In the case of fake social networks, these stories often include misleading information.

They usually claim that the people behind the site are real people who have been paid to create and promote the fake information.

For fake news websites, it can be difficult to tell whether the information is real or not.

But some people are quite willing to try to get people to click on fake content to spread misinformation.

This tactic can be particularly effective if the fake site contains fake news, such as the news that fake Facebook posts contain links to fake news stories.

If people click on the links and click on an article, the fake article can then be shared widely.

And if the article is shared widely, people will start to believe that the article has some sort of real-world effect, because they will start thinking that the news they are seeing is real.

This is why some people might be very reluctant to click or share a fake article, even if they think it has some kind of real impact.

If you have a blog, or an article you create for Facebook, Twitter or other social networks that you are trying to spread fake news to, it may be difficult for people to see it as fake because it looks very real.

But if people click and share a link to a blog post, the blog post will get shared widely and people will begin to believe it is real, and they will begin believing the article was written by a real person.

This can cause a lot confusion and fear in people.

Fake stories can be used as a way to mislead people into thinking they have a legitimate source of information, rather than a source of misinformation.

It is important to note that fake stories aren’t necessarily bad news, they’re just stories that are intentionally fake.

They can be quite effective at stirring up emotions in people and creating an atmosphere of uncertainty.

They are also a form of manipulation.

The most common fake news source has been the media.

But there are also other types of fake media, including social media, blogs and forums.

These other types are more difficult to fake, and it can take some effort to create fake stories that don’t contain any actual news.

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