Why an annotating an op ed

isn’t as bad as it seems source The Verge article 1: Why an op-ed article isn�t as bad when you can�t see the words anymore article A new op-eds article is a good way to help you navigate a site, but it�s also the last thing you want to see.

In an effort to help users navigate better, Google has started giving users a way to annotate an article, and the tool has already gained some traction on the web.

To help you decide if annotating your op-Ed article is right for you, here�s a guide to what to look for and how to make the most of the feature.

What is annotating?

An annotating tool is a tool that allows users to add their own text to an article.

For example, a user could add their name to the end of an article and the text would become a line of text.

An article might include an image or video of the user, which might also be added to the article, as well as an image of the author.

An annotator can then show a summary of the article in a variety of ways, such as highlighting sections or paragraphs, adding annotations, and removing them.

To annotate, users need to be able to see the text in their browser.

In the Google Chrome browser, you can use the Google WebView extension, which lets you preview text while browsing the web using a stylus or touch screen.

This extension adds the ability to annotates articles.

If you don�t have Chrome installed on your computer, you might need to download it from the Chrome Web Store.

This guide will help you install and configure Google WebKit to support the extension.

You can learn more about how to install and use Google WebSense to enable this extension.

How to annotating a news article?

To annotating, you need to enable the Google web app, which is an extension that lets you view the HTML code and add annotations.

To use Google Chrome, you�ll need to open the Chrome web app in a new tab, and then select the Extensions tab.

From here, you will need to install the Google extension and then launch the Google app to enable it.

You will see the Google chrome app appear, which shows a preview of the HTML you just installed.

If the extension is enabled, the Google search bar will appear.

To add annotations, users can select an article to add text to.

To do so, the user can right-click on the article and select Add Attribute.

The annotation will appear next to the text.

To remove annotations, the text will be hidden in the article.

To get started, you’ll need to sign up for Google Chrome and install the extension that allows you to add annotations to an opEd article.

When you are done, you should be able access the article’s main page.

To start using the extension, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the app.

The toolbar will appear and you should see an option to enable an annotation.

Click that and you will be able start annotating.

To see the annotations that are available for your article, open the article using the Google reader or a web browser.

After you annotate your article you will see your annotations on the top bar, along with the text that you annotated.

You�ll be able add additional annotations and then edit them to customize them.

You should be done with the article when you return to the main page and you can check out the annotations in the new preview section.

What are the benefits of annotating my article?

You can make the annotation much more detailed by using the image annotations.

The images that are displayed when users click on a line or section of text are very helpful.

For instance, if you annotating the article says that the article contains a video of an actor, users will see that the video is a video.

If an image is added, you may want to include the video or images that have been captured using a camera.

When users are viewing an article through the Google Reader app, they will see text in a preview window that they can choose to preview or not.

In this way, users get to interact with the articles content without having to worry about the text being changed.

Google also supports adding annotations to a news item as a link to the video, which means that users will be more likely to watch the video if they have an annotation on the link.

Google has also added a tool for creating annotations in a way that allows people to share them publicly.

To create annotations, you just need to type in your annotations.

You’ll then see an annotation appear, along the side of the image you chose to add the text to, which looks like a circle.

This way, it will be easier for users to easily see your annotated text.

If users want to share their annotated content, they can either share it

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