When the news is bad, Fox News is good

Fox News host Bret Baier is a fan of Fox News.

He is the founder of the news network, which has been a source of contention among conservatives since the network launched in 1996.

When the Fox News channel was recently named a fake news outlet by the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), Baier was quick to call it a hoax.

In an interview with Salon.com, Baier argued that the news was actually very good for the Republican Party and the country.

Baier has also been one of the most outspoken proponents of the right to bear arms.

The Fox News personality also said that there is no difference between Fox News and other cable news networks.

“The fact is, if you want to say, ‘There’s no difference,’ then you’re saying it’s like having cable TV,” Baier said.

“I don’t see a difference.

It’s the same.

And I think if you do the math, Fox is a lot better than CNN, MSNBC, CNN, Fox, CNN.”

Fox News has also had the distinction of being a source for the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who has claimed that the Democratic Party is controlled by foreign entities.

Baiell said that the network has consistently been a reliable source of information on issues that he considers important to the country, such as the Iraq War, immigration reform, the Paris terror attacks, and climate change.

Baiers comments come as the network is set to host a special on President Donald Trump and his administration, which will air on Tuesday night.

Baied said that Trump is a “tremendous danger” to the United States.

“It’s a danger to our country,” he said.

“[Trump] wants to get rid of the United Nations and to bring in an American version of it.

He wants to send us to a world government, which he thinks will lead to chaos.

So we need to take him on, and if we can do that, he can be removed from office.

He’s not going to go away.

He has no loyalty to America, and that’s a dangerous thing to have in the White House.”

Fox has been criticized by Democrats, who claim that the channel is not covering important issues in a fair manner.

“Fox is so obsessed with Trump, and they’re so obsessed that they don’t cover the issues that really matter,” Representative Ted Lieu, Democrat of California, told MSNBC.

“And what they do is give you the same view of Trump, but it’s very different from the truth.”

Fox, however, has a reputation for breaking news, especially on the weekend, when it airs prime-time programming.

Baies comments come a few days after a series of shocking events occurred at the Fox news headquarters.

The network is reportedly on lockdown due to the incident, and it has been accused of covering up sexual harassment allegations against its anchor Megyn Kelly, who is a longtime critic of the network.

The incident has also led to calls for the network to remove Baier from his position as host of Fox & Hayes.

Baiets comments came after the network announced that it has decided to fire Fox News anchor Shepard Smith, who was accused of sexually assaulting a woman at the network’s New York headquarters.

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