New York Knicks’ Anthony Davis could become first NBA player to lead team in rebounding

NEW YORK — Anthony Davis is not the only Knicks star who has found success playing in the Western Conference.In fact, it is a sign of things to come for New York that the Knicks are a strong rebounding team, according to Anthony Davis’ agent, Michael Levin.“I’m sure you guys have heard this a million […]

How to write a Bible

definition article What do you need to know about the English language?The Lad has put together a list of common mistakes that Bible readers might find themselves making when reading the Bible.1.The word “nope” has several meanings in the Bible, and many people confuse it with “not”.A nope can mean “no” or “no problem”.It is […]

Why you need to use an API

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How to use Facebook Instant Articles to get football games in your pocket

How to get NFL games to your pocket?Here’s how to get them from the comfort of your own home.The NFL is currently the biggest game in sports on Facebook.It’s the one you watch, the one everyone watches, and the one that’s broadcast to millions of fans in homes around the world.This is the biggest, most […]

When Trump signs Iran deal, Trump won’t just destroy Iran, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard will also be destroyed

By David JacksonThe United States is expected to sign an agreement to ease sanctions on Iran in the face of a new US president, who has threatened to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities and said he will seek a military strike against Tehran.Reuters/Reuters/Associated PressThe agreement, expected to be announced on Tuesday, will lift sanctions on more […]

How to Make the Perfect Art Deco Couch in less than 3 Hours

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Canadian PM announces ‘brave move’ to curb carbon emissions

article by Justin Giovannetti and Michael Fennoy article article Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced a “bold move” to curb greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, saying that Canada is committed to its international commitments to fight climate change and the need to reduce the country’s reliance on fossil fuels.The move comes as the country […]

How to use the Trending Topics feature of the Facebook News Feed

Newsfeeds are an integral part of Facebook’s advertising platform, allowing users to discover, share, and discover more about what they are interested in.But what if you want to browse for new content without having to leave Facebook?Trending Topics allows you to quickly search through and discover new topics by following a few simple rules:Trending topics […]

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