Which country is the worst for women?

A woman is killed every six seconds in Saudi Arabia, but according to a study, women are far less likely to be targeted.

The study, published in the Journal of Health Economics, looked at the gender-based violence that took place in Saudi prisons between 2009 and 2014 and found that women were not as likely to have their rights violated as their male counterparts.

The findings were also found to contradict previous research that found that female prison inmates were more likely to face physical violence, harassment and sexual assault.

In the report, Drs.

Saira al-Sayed, Alaa al-Husseini, and Abdullah al-Bakri of the University of Calgary and the University at Buffalo examined the relationship between the severity of female prison sentence and the gender of the offenders and found a strong correlation between male and female offenders.

“The results are consistent with previous studies, which found that men and women sentenced to prison for crimes committed by women are not equally punished,” the authors write.

“We found that the severity and frequency of female offenders’ sentences were linked to their gender.

The higher the severity, the more severe and frequent the punishments of women.

Women who are convicted of rape, sexual abuse, kidnapping and armed robbery are the most likely to receive severe punishment, while women convicted of other crimes, such as drug trafficking, are the least likely to.”

The authors conclude that the increased severity of male and non-white offenders’ prison sentences is due to the fact that the male prisoners have a lower chance of escaping from prison.

“Male prisoners were sentenced to life imprisonment because they are more likely than females to commit crimes such as robbery, drug trafficking and theft, and the male inmates are also more likely then the female prisoners to receive prison sentences,” the researchers say.

“In addition, male prisoners were also more often sentenced to longer prison terms than female prisoners, so that is an additional deterrent against escaping from the prison.”

They also found that prison sentences were not the only factor influencing gender-related violence.

Women were more often victims of other forms of violence, such from domestic violence and sexual harassment.

Women were also far less willing to disclose their own violence against a partner, in comparison to their male peers.

According to the study, “The relationship between gender-specific and nonsexist violence is less clear than the relationship for sexual violence.”

“The most common type of violence experienced by female offenders was physical violence.

However, the violence experienced in the prison environment, including sexual violence, was also higher than in the general population,” the report reads.

According the authors, the findings “underscore the need to continue to promote a gender-neutral criminal justice system and address the issues of gender-biased sentencing, gender-misgendering, and gender-reparative policing in prisons.”

The study was conducted by Dr. Saeid Al-Saya, Associate Professor of Social Policy at the University University of Toronto.

Dr. Al-Saeed, along with a team of researchers from the University and Buffalo, published their findings on the gender and justice issues in Saudi jails in a recent issue of the Journal for Policy Studies.

The researchers say that women who commit violent crimes are at a higher risk for being imprisoned.

They found that in prisons, male inmates were also “more likely to suffer from severe physical and sexual abuse.”

According to Dr. Al Saya, Saudi Arabia is not the first country in the world to put women in prison for violent crimes, and she believes that Saudi Arabia’s “gender-neutral” prison system has played a part in its success.

“Saudi Arabia is a country that has historically been a place where women have historically been able to move freely,” she said.

“The laws that were enacted in the early 2000s have made it easier for women to enter the workforce, especially in the sector that deals with criminal justice and the prison system.”

The researchers conclude that women “should be given equal opportunities in the criminal justice process” and that gender-blind policies like the one in Saudi will lead to a fairer society.

“Gender-neutral prison systems, which include gender-sensitive punishment and punishment in line with the gender identity of offenders, will also help ensure that female offenders are not unfairly punished for the same crime as male offenders,” they conclude.

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