“The world is waiting”

writing A woman who is on her way to the United States to visit her son is being urged to leave the country as fears grow for her health and safety.

Katarina Goggin, a Russian citizen, has travelled from Russia to New York to see her son, who has cerebral palsy.

Goggin is currently in the hospital recovering from surgery to repair a herniated disk in her spine, which is caused by a congenital bone disorder, which she has been told her condition can be corrected with medication.

“I’m terrified,” Gogins son Alex, who was born with a condition known as neurofibromatosis, told The Next Page.

“If they have no way of telling us whether or not it’s going to be okay for him to go, I’m really worried about him.”

Gogins husband, Andrei, is a doctor, and he has been working with Gogines son for several weeks.

But he says that even though his son is in good condition, he is concerned about Gogin’s safety.

“It is very scary,” Andrei said.

“She’s been in the US for about five years now, so she knows a lot of people here.”

But even if they can see that her condition is not so serious, it’s still a risk, and she doesn’t know what she’s going through.

“So I’m just asking her to leave and get some advice.”

Dr Gogineeva said she would like to see Goggins son come to the US, but said she is not sure what will happen there.

“This is not a question that can be answered with a straight answer,” she said.

“But at the moment, there is no guarantee that she’ll be able to return to Russia.”

Dr Andrei Goginnis wife says his wife is ‘really scared’ for her sonThe Goglins’ daughter, Natalia, who is a medical student, said that Gogini’s son is a special case.

“My dad’s condition is so serious that I am really scared,” Natalia said.

Natalia said her father had been in and out of the hospital and that doctors had told her the surgery would be very difficult.

“He is going to go in a couple of weeks, and then he will be fine.

But that is really hard to understand,” Natalya said.

In her letter to the Goginis, Dr Goginaeva says the surgery to correct the herniator is still under way and that Gugans condition will not be known for at least a year.

“In my opinion, it is more important that she stays in the United Kingdom,” she wrote.

“Please advise me whether you think the situation is as good as it should be, so that we can discuss the options together.”

She says that she hopes Goginos son will eventually be able for treatment in Russia, but that for now, her husband is concerned.

“We don’t have a lot to lose, but we don’t want to have to leave her here.

It is too much for her to take,” Andrey Goggan told The Post.

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